After Novartis / Kundl, further migration stopped


        The corona pandemic has sharpened the focus on the existence of strategically important productions in the country.   After the decision of the  Swiss pharmaceutical company  Novartis in  July not only to keep penicillin production at the  Kundl ( Tyrol) plant, but to even expand it with new subsidies including a 10-year location guarantee,  Austria is also trying to find solutions in other key companies.  13 proceedings were initiated under the new  Investment  Control  Act.        </p><div>
        <p> With this law,  Austria wants to prevent important companies and productions in  Austria from being swallowed up by corporations, especially from non-EU countries, or entire industries being relocated elsewhere, especially in the current time of the  Corona crisis.   For  Economics  Minister  Margarete  Schramböck (ÖVP), the law has already achieved a lot:  According to the previous  Foreign  Trade  Act, the ministry had only counted 25 procedures in nine years.   This year there have been 13 proceedings that have been completed or initiated since  July,  Schramböck told APA on  Wednesday.   In the majority of cases, it was deals from the USA, and here individual sales were not prevented, but a withdrawal from  Austria was prevented.</p>            

One of the proceedings concluded in this way concerned a manufacturer of special hemostatic high-tech plasters ( TachoSil), as they are used in most hospitals. Here, strict conditions were imposed during the sale – above all that the company must continue to supply domestic hospitals at the usual market conditions.

The ministry is continuing discussions with the rubber processor Semperit, who has at least put the sale of its medical division (rubber gloves) on hold after the unexpectedly exploding demand for medical gloves at the beginning of the year. There should be certain phases for every decision, and again not for others, says Schramböck. She is concerned with one of the last surgical glove productions in Europe, the maintenance of the Semperit production site in Wimpassing and security of supply.

In the eyes of the Minister of Economic Affairs, far too little attention is paid to how close Austrian know-how is to the newly developed corona vaccine, on which so many hopes for a foreseeable end to the pandemic rest. The Austrian immunologist Christoph Huber and two partners founded the biotech company BioNtech in 2008, which has now developed the vaccine with the US company Pfizer and brought it to market. Austrian companies ( Polymun / Klosterneuburg) also supplied components for vaccine production.

Of course” the Minister of Economic Affairs will be vaccinated against Covid-19. She advises vaccine skeptics to keep an eye on their own environment, i.e. family, parents and friends, in addition to protecting themselves, if not the general public. “ If my parents are vaccinated, I can sleep better again.”

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