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According to official Syrian information, a government army soldier was killed in an air strike in Syria. Three other soldiers were injured in the rocket attack on Tuesday evening on a military base near the capital Damascus, as the official SANA news agency reported, citing an army source. This made Israel responsible for the attack.

The attack was reportedly directed against a position of the Syrian air defense in the area of ​​#Nabi Habeel. It also caused material damage. A spokeswoman for the Israeli military refused to comment on the SANA report.

On the night of last Friday, activists reported that six pro-Iranian fighters were killed in Israeli rocket attacks in the western Syrian province of Hama. The people killed were foreign militiamen who fought alongside the troops of ruler Bashar al-Assad, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

According to them, these Israeli air strikes were aimed at positions of Iranian militias and a Damascus-operated research center in Masyaf district, where surface-to-surface missiles are developed and stored. The UK-based observatory draws its information from a network of informants. Your information can often hardly be verified by an independent party.

Since the beginning of the civil war in Syria in 2011, the Israeli military has carried out hundreds of air strikes against Syrian government forces and their allies. Israel wants to prevent Iran from expanding its influence in Syria. The Israeli government and army rarely confirm military operations in the neighboring country.

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