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Gene Munster sees Tesla as superior to established automakers
Estimated software revenues make the difference
FSD functions will become a game changer in the future#Tesla has had an extraordinary and extraordinary trading year. Few other investments brought investors in the Corona year such a high return as the Tesla share. The share certificate benefited from a number of factors – the increasing environmental awareness of many buyers and the associated strong demand for vehicles with alternative drive types, but also the inclusion in the US traditional index S&P 500 and, of course, the future prospects of the company.

Analyst still sees Tesla in a superior position

Gene Munster, Managing Partner at Loup Ventures, continues to rate the latter as extremely positive. In a customer announcement, he made it clear that Tesla is clearly superior to established carmakers in one aspect in particular: the focus on software.

For the year 2021 alone, the expert expects the electric car manufacturer to generate 1.1 billion US dollars in deferred revenue in the software segment. Specifically, he mentions the supercharger network, internet services, functions for autonomous driving and over-the-air software updates for Tesla vehicles as sources of income in this context.

Revenue that traditional manufacturers such as Ford and GM do not have and that could make the decisive difference. Munster compares last year’s operating earnings figures for the two established companies with Tesla’s expected software revenues and states, “ Tesla’s deferred revenues for next year may account for about 20 percent of GM’s current operating profit and 200 percent of Ford’s operating profit “.

Autonomous driving functions as a sales driver

Munster, as a game changer, sees the functions that will allow Teslas to drive autonomously in particular in comparison to the competition. The closer you get to full autonomy with Tesla vehicles, the more users will recognize the value of the functions – this will also increase the rate of those who acquire them, which in turn will raise the price, the expert said. In 2020, the full self-driving (FSD) features were priced at $ 8,500 and 35 percent of customers would have purchased them. Munster estimates that the sales price could rise to US $ 10,000 by 2021, and one year later Tesla could already charge US $ 11,000 for FSD. At the same time, more customers will buy the function package: In the coming year, he expects 37.5 percent, in 2022 40 percent of Tesla buyers will also purchase FSD, the expert believes.

He was convinced that “FSD is a journey, not a destination, and that there will be a postponed revenue factor for the ages,” continued Munster.

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