Airbnb apparently prices shares even higher for the IPO – valuation at $ 47 billion | 12/10/20


According to some circles, the apartment broker Airbnb was able to increase the issue price again thanks to the strong demand for its shares when it went public.

Investors have now put 68 US dollars per Airbnb share on the table, reported the Bloomberg news agency on Thursday night, citing insiders. Just earlier this week, Airbnb raised the spread for the papers from $ 44 to $ 50 to $ 56 to $ 60. The initial listing is planned for this Thursday. Airbnb did not want to comment on the information.

At $ 68 per share, Airbnb’s IPO (Initial Public Offering) has a total valuation of $ 47 billion (38.83 billion euros). With around 52 million shares on the market, Airbnb makes a good $ 3.5 billion on its IPO.

Food delivery company Doordash collected around $ 3.4 billion on Wednesday when it was first listed. Doordash had also raised the price range due to the strong demand. Food delivery services are benefiting particularly strongly from the effects of the Corona crisis. The stock went on sale for $ 102 and closed the first day of trading for just under $ 190.

In the financial markets, Airbnb’s IPO had long been traded as the most spectacular US premiere in 2020. Then came the corona crisis and with it a great deal of uncertainty. In the meantime, however, business has recovered somewhat, and the good mood on the financial markets has supported the decision to jump onto the trading floor.

The Corona year 2020 is already a record year for IPOs in the USA and Airbnb underlines the demand especially for tech companies. So far, companies including Doordash have, according to Bloomberg data, raised more than $ 163 billion from IPOs in the US this year – more than ever before.


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