AK: Participation in mass test should count as working time – Coronavirus Vienna


Anderl on Corona mass test: “Inability to work for an important reason”

If the Chamber of Labor (AK) has its way, the time spent on mass testing for the coronavirus should count as service time.

In many cases it will not be possible to take the test outside of working hours. Therefore, this would have to be seen as an inability to work for an important reason and thus as working time, thinks Chamber of Labor President Renate Anderl.

When participation in the mass test should count as service time

Anderl reported on a number of member inquiries as to whether they would have to take time off for the tests. For the AK, the situation is clear: If the test dates are given and happen to fall within working hours, the time must also count as working hours. If, on the other hand, the dates are freely selectable, an attempt should be made to set them outside of working hours. If that is not possible, “then the test must also count as being unable to work for an important reason and thus as working time,” said Anderl.

Everyone had a “high interest” in the coronavirus tests. It would therefore be unreasonable if employees had to take time off or vacation for this. The required solidarity should not be at the expense of the employees.

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