Aldi sells a 55-inch television at a bargain price on Thursday


Aldi is not only selling a 65-inch television at a hammer price on Thursday, but also a 55-inch model extremely cheaply. If the 65-inch model is too big for you, you can use the little brother, which is also a good choice. GIGA has the details for you.

Image source: Aldi / Medion

Aldi sells 55-inch televisions for 290 euros

If you want to buy a 55-inch TV with 4K resolution shortly before Christmas, you can strike at Aldi Nord. There the Medion Life X15575 is sold at a price of exactly 290 euros in the branches. That is an extremely low price. Especially when you consider what the TV can do. You get a full-fledged smart TV with everything you need. The equipment includes, for example, WiFi, DTS sound, HDR and there are even four HDMI connections. Similarly cheap televisions usually offer less. The following video introduces the television:

Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or YouTube are pre-installed so that you can stream your favorite series and films directly. For example, a hard drive can be connected to two USB ports and broadcasts can be recorded. With the triple tuner you can receive everything. If you can’t go to Aldi Nord, you can get a similar Medion television from Amazon for an effective price of 301.17 euros if you activate the 40-euro discount.

Aldi also sells 65-inch televisions

If the 55-inch television from Aldi Nord is not enough for you, you can also use a 65-inch model for 474.33 euros on the same day. The Medion Life X16596 is not sold in the branches, but only online, so that you do not have to walk into the market. You simply order online on Thursday and it will be delivered in the coming days. This is also a 4K TV with everything you need. There will be a lot of interest in both TVs, so if you want one you should grab one.

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