Almost 50 servers decommissioned


KAlmost 50 servers in a global network of cyber criminals have been decommissioned with the help of specialists from Baden-Württemberg and some have been confiscated.

Those responsible for the network are said to have provided criminal customers with an IT structure equipped with technical anonymization options for a fee, as the Stuttgart public prosecutor and the Reutlingen police headquarters announced on Tuesday. The customers are said to have used these for serious cyber crimes and to conduct illegal business. The network was taken out of service on Monday.

The global “Operation Nova” was preceded by extensive investigations that had their origins in an investigation by the Stuttgart public prosecutor and the Reutlingen police headquarters. Cyber ​​specialists from the Esslingen criminal police department succeeded in penetrating the criminal IT infrastructure and tracing the trail back to the servers. The security authorities Europol and the American Federal Police FBI were involved in the global cooperation.

When evaluating the data, the cyber specialists came across long-term cyber attacks against companies. An encryption of the data of the respective companies and thus a complete failure of the IT systems was often imminent, as it was said. This would usually result in blackmail. Around 250 companies around the world were identified and warned in good time.

The evaluation of the data and the identification of those responsible and users of the network are ongoing.

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