Although the Frauenfeld school class is in quarantine, the school president says: “School closings would be a completely wrong sign”


Covid-19 in school

Although the Frauenfeld school class is in quarantine, the school president says: “School closings would be a completely wrong sign”

Because of two schoolgirls who tested positive, an entire upper school class at the Auen school complex in Frauenfeld has to be quarantined for ten days from now on. This is not a first for the school authorities.

The newly renovated area of ​​the Auen school complex in Frauenfeld.

They felt uncomfortable, complained of headaches and aching limbs. Quick to the quick test. Both results: Covid-19 positive. This scenario happened this week with two high school students at the Auen school complex. On the recommendation of the canton doctor, the entire class has been in quarantine since Thursday because both cases occurred in the same class. “We act according to the guidelines of the canton,” says Auen school principal Claudio Bernold and adds:

Claudio Bernold, headmaster Auen.

Claudio Bernold, headmaster Auen.

Image: PD

“It is pure coincidence that two students in the same class got infected independently of each other.”

Thanks to the mask requirement, Bernold does not assume that other students or the teacher could have been infected. Nevertheless, he welcomes the current precautionary measure. Because it has no major consequences for the entire class, which has to stay at home from one day to the next.

Sick people are free to participate

So the school class does not experience an early Christmas break. “You continue to work normally in distance learning,” says Bernold, as the students know from the time during the lockdown in spring. However, if you have Corona, you can decide for yourself whether you want to take part in distance learning or whether you don’t feel fit enough for it.

Neither student has been proven to have been infected with Covid-19 at school. He is therefore certain:

“Schools are not a major source of danger.”

Thanks to the mask requirement, infections within the school are almost impossible. There is hardly any risk that more and more schoolchildren will gradually show typical corona symptoms. Despite the current incident, Bernold would like to make a wreath for all students and all teachers. He says: “So far everyone has really behaved very disciplined.”

President wives against school closings

A weekly status report on the corona situation at the Frauenfeld schools is available to Andreas Wirth. “We’re slowly getting used to it,” says the school president. Because the current affair in the meadow is not a premiere. Again and again, and especially after the autumn vacation, the schools increasingly struggled with quarantine cases. However, Wirth states:

Andreas Wirth, President of the schools in Frauenfeld.

Andreas Wirth, President of the schools in Frauenfeld.

Image: Thi My Lien Nguyen

“It would be a completely wrong sign to close the schools for this reason.”

The numbers from the beginning of this week in particular showed that only 19 of the around 2,000 primary school students would be in quarantine. That corresponds to 0.95 percent, calculates Wirth. At the secondary school with its 900 students, the value at the beginning of the week was slightly over one percent – still without that of the Auen class. Only one per thousand of the students are in isolation, mostly without symptoms.

However, Wirth does not approve of sending the majority of healthy pupils to distance learning as a prophylactic measure, and says: “I emphasize this again and again in discussions with the canton.”

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