Android 11 for Motorola smartphones: These models get it


In the last few weeks more and more manufacturers have announced a card for updates for Android 11. Xiaomi wants to supply 28 smartphones with new food. But even Samsung there is no nuisance and it not only takes shipping to a new level, but also a cheaper smartphone.

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Motorola smartphones get Android 11

Well, it is Motorola too. It’s your turn to publish an update schedule. A total of 23 smartphones are listed from various device series with Android 11. If you read carefully you will see in the fine print that this is a temporary list. If you can’t find your smartphone on the roadmap yet, this may change in the coming weeks. In detail, take the following Motorola Modelet Android 11:

However, the manufacturer remains responsible for the exact point in time, which is usually also noted in the schedule. It therefore currently remains unclear which smartphone will receive the new version of the operating system. Motorola promises to start sales “in the coming months”.

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Update to Android 11: What’s new?

Motorola usually sticks to native Android in terms of design and basic functions. According to the manufacturer’s manual, the manual does not currently contain any specially developed functions, so initially only Google functions are available.

With Android 11, you get, among other things, an improved notification area and the ability to use your mobile phone more peacefully and intuitively. We noticed what even the latest version of Android stores:

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