Android app brings incidence value widget to the home screen


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With the “Fall numbers Aktuell” app, owners of an Android smartphone can always keep an eye on the current number of cases in their or any region of Germany.

While the Covid-19 incidence widget for iOS 14 turned out to be a big hit, there was a rather cumbersome workaround for Android. Thanks to the Stuttgart developer Michael Kokoschka, that is now changing. Because with its case numbers app, it offers an easy-to-use solution for Android smartphones that can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. The Corona warning app does not replace the number of cases app.

Number of cases currently brings Covid-19 data to the Android home screen

According to the developer, the app is compatible with all smartphones from Android version 6.0. It is only three megabytes in size and pulls current information on the corona numbers directly from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

A look at the Corona case numbers app for Android. (Screenshot: t3n)

The app gives you a quick overview of the Covid 19 case numbers for Germany. It provides an overview of daily new infections, deaths and recoveries. The total numbers for all Covid 19 cases in Germany can also be viewed. The app also provides you with two heat maps for Germany: One gives an overview of the number of cases in the individual federal states, the second gives information about the districts including all individual data. A search is integrated to quickly find the regions.

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Practical: You can mark individual regions as favorites, which are then displayed on the app’s start page.

Corona case numbers app offers widgets in different sizes

Covid-19 incidence widget for Android. (Photo: t3n)

You can choose from a variety of widgets that you can put on the home screen. So you can drag a mini incidence widget onto the home screen that only shows the values ​​of a district or state. However, there are also options for two values, for all of Germany and more.

Case numbers current - incidence & more from DE

What is the incidence value again? The incidence value is the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days. Signal values ​​were set to contain the pandemic: If the seven-day incidence value is above 35, stricter hygiene rules are imposed. If the value exceeds 50, the next level takes effect.

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