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Animals – Berlin:Ice cream cake for breakfast: polar bear Hertha turns two

The young polar bear Hertha plays in her enclosure in the zoo. Photo: Paul Zinken / dpa / archive image (Photo: dpa)

Directly from the dpa news channel

Berlin (dpa / bb) – A 180-pound teenager celebrates his birthday: Polar bear Hertha in the Berlin zoo will be two years old this Tuesday. For breakfast there is an ice cream cake with Hertha’s favorite fruits, pear and melon, as well as fish. The cake was prepared by trainees, said spokesman Maximilian Jäger. The clumsy snow-white bear has become a stately animal. Without a bath in the moat, Hertha often looks rather gray from rolling around. But she is not yet fully grown. Hertha can still be clearly distinguished from her mother Tonja, says curator Florian Sicks. Polar bears are only considered to be adults between four and five years of age.

At the mother-daughter flat share in the zoo, a popular destination for many visitors, nothing will change anytime soon. Because in the European breeding program for zoos, further litters are not planned at the moment. There are enough polar bears in the zoos.

Hertha has never experienced a real Berlin winter in her two years. So far she has hardly seen a snowflake, let alone a real ice floe in her moat. It was just too mild. Sicks hopes there will be some real polar bear weather this year.

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