Announcement in the Berlin Official Gazette: Schlachtensee is now officially a district of Berlin


Now it is official: the district has an eighth district. With the announcement in the official gazette of Berlin on December 11th, Schlachtensee was officially declared and named a district of Steglitz-Zehlendorf and is also recorded on the official maps.

“We hadn’t dared to hope that the official announcement of the district of Schlachtensee in the Berlin Official Gazette would take place before Christmas,” said Dirk Jordan, local historian and founder of the initiative “Wir-in-Schlachtensee”. So now December 11th can be celebrated as the “birthday” of the new district. “At a time when there is not much good news, we are all the more pleased. It goes well with Christmas, ”continued Jordan. The new district is now bounded by Potsdamer Chaussee, Wasgenstraße, Spanische Allee, Straße am Schlachtensee, Avus and Fischerhüttenweg. The districts of Zehlendorf and Nikolassee were restricted according to the area of ​​Schlachtensee.

Since November 2016, the local part initiative “Wir-in-Schlachtensee” has been trying to make Schlachtensee an independent local part again. After all, Schlachtensee was part of the independent rural community of Zehlendorf until Greater Berlin was founded 100 years ago. That is also a good date, which exactly 100 years later will become a district again from the location, says Dirk Jordan.

Upgrading to a district not only promotes a sense of togetherness, it also enables infrastructural problems to be tackled. For example, there is the difficult traffic situation on Breisgauer Straße. The initiative recently spoke about this with representatives of the BVV parliamentary groups. “Our proposed changes met with open ears and we were promised to deal with the topic in the transport committee,” said Jordan.

The joy is clouded because there are no district signs. Such signs do not usually exist in Berlin, reports the Roads and Green Spaces Office. These are “traffic signs ordered by road traffic law”. Tourist considerations or identification with a district played no role in road traffic law. That is very regrettable, explains Dirk Jordan. The association is therefore ready to take over the financing.

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