Anti-terror package: symbols of right-wing extremists are banned


  • Creation of a new criminal offense:

The central building block of the federal government’s new anti-terror package is the creation of a separate criminal offense to combat political Islam. The new § 247b “Religiously motivated extremist connection” in the Criminal Code is directed against organizations that fight the democratic constitutional order and want to replace it with a religiously based social and state order (such as the Sharia). According to the Criminal Code, anyone who establishes such an association, is a leader in such an association or otherwise participates in or supports it can now be punished.

  • Religiously motivated political extremism becomes an aggravating factor under criminal law:

In addition, a new impediment for religious-motivated extremist motives is being introduced. This should make it possible to take effective action against new forms of extremism.

  • · Radical mosques are consistently closed:

Changes in the Islamic Law create new legal bases to close radical mosques more easily and quickly. Specifically, in the future, the Office of Cultural Affairs should react much faster – and in particularly serious cases even without being asked to stop – and close mosques.

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