Appearance of Andreas Gabalier in the Pocher show causes outrage


Mario Barth, Oliver Pocher and Chris Tall have a new RTL show: “The King of Grownups”. Photo: TVNOW / Frank W. Hempel

Appearance of Andreas Gabalier in the Pocher show causes outrage

On Tuesday evening, the new show by comedy giants Oliver Pocher, Mario Barth and Chris Tall premiered on RTL. In “King of the Kids” two of the comedians play against each other, the third moderates. In the fourth and final show, all three have to battle each other, while Laura Wontorra takes over the moderation.

In games – all based on well-known TV shows – such as “Schlag den Stab”, “Die Shit-Gianten”, “I’m a star, pushes me out of here”, “Look what’s the hammer” and “Bauer sucht Sau “Chris Tall and Mario Barth had an amusing fight. In the end, Chris won the duel. But not all viewers on the net could gain something from the show. Some criticized the fact that “King of the Kids” was simply a cheap copy of the ProSieben hit “Schlag den Star”.

RTL show just copied?

But even if some were bothered by it, another thing caused significantly more indignation: the appearance of Andreas Gabalier. The self-proclaimed folk rocker tried, among other things, the song “Driving Home for Christmas” – a bad idea if many Twitter users have their way.

Spectators etch against Andreas Gabalier’s vocals

Outrage on the net about Gabalier on RTL

But most of all, viewers complain that Andreas Gabalier is even offered a platform on TV. Background: Time and again the musician is attested to being close to right-wing ideas. But he doesn’t want to know anything about it. He recently stated according to “Kurier”:

“Who likes or doesn’t like my music – I can’t choose. I’m a musician, not a politician.”

Andreas Gabalier sang on the show. Photo: TVNOW / Frank W. Hempel

But the TV viewers don’t care. Nevertheless, you are annoyed in large numbers about the appearance:

Looks like RTL hasn’t done itself a real favor with the musical guest.


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