Around 10 million euros collected in the “Licht ins Dunkel” donation campaign – Coronavirus Vienna


Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen also helped on the donation phones.

Again this year, numerous representatives from politics, business, sport and culture supported the traditional ORF Christmas donation campaign “Licht ins Dunkel”, which raised around ten million euros on Christmas Eve.

The corona pandemic apparently had no effect on the willingness of Austrians to donate to the traditional ORF Christmas donation campaign “Licht ins Dunkel”. On Christmas Eve alone, around ten million euros were collected, said ORF “Licht ins Dunkel” boss Pius Strobl in a broadcast.

“Licht ins Dunkel”: around ten million euros donated on December 24th

“In addition to this, the great result of the ‘Licht ins Dunkel’ gala evening on November 25th, the ‘Licht ins Dunkel’ auctions of ORF Sports and ORF III make me very confident that the ‘Licht ins Dunkel’ help Despite the difficult Corona period, the ‘Licht ins Dunkel’ association can continue to do so on a large scale, “said Strobl. He thanked “for the great willingness of the Austrians to help”.

In the course of the “Licht ins Dunkel” morning broadcast, the “Ö3 Christmas Miracle” came to an end in the Ö3 studios in Vienna-Heiligenstadt. The Ö3 listeners ordered music requests for 3,759,701 euros and at the same time donated to the “Licht ins Dunkel” emergency aid fund. Added to this is the previous result of the Ö3 surprise bag campaign of 400,000 euros, “with which the Ö3 community has once again set a clear signal for togetherness in this difficult year”, says Ö3 boss Georg Spatt.

Representatives from politics, sport, culture on donation phones

Many representatives from politics, business, sport and culture supported the program presented by Barbara Stöckl and Peter Resetarits, live from the ORF center. Federal President and patron of the “Licht ins Dunkel” campaign, Alexander Van der Bellen, and his wife Doris Schmidauer were guests in the morning and helped on the donation phones. Van der Bellen emphasized the importance of confidence, not only at Christmas: “It is important to remember that with courage and confidence one goes through life very differently in the long run. You have to find a way even in crisis situations. We have that too learned from the pandemic, which nobody would have expected at the beginning, namely that we will have a vaccine by the end of the year. ” With regard to the great need of refugees in Greece and in Bosnia, the Federal President said: “I strongly advocate setting an example in this great emergency, which is unworthy of Europe. Even if this signal is not a perfect solution.”

Cardinal Schönborn: “Linking politics and humanity”

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn reminded that the real message of Christmas is that God has let himself into this world and “that the world is therefore not lost, even if it is in a crisis like the corona pandemic.” The cardinal emphasized: “Fear is not a good adviser. The great wisdom of all religions is today. We have no control over tomorrow, yesterday is past.” He also pleaded for humanity in dealing with the refugees in Greece or Bosnia-Herzegovina: “You can find ways to combine good politics and humanity.”

As the “voice of reason”, religious communities in particular have the task of maintaining an appreciative and harmonious exchange in crisis situations, as Ümit Vural, President of the Islamic Faith Community in Austria, emphasized. Other religious representatives such as Chief Rabbi Jaron Engelmayer, the Greek Orthodox Archpriest Nikolaus Rappert, the President of the Buddhist Religious Society, Gerhard Weissgrab, and the Upper Church Council of the Evangelical Church in Austria also formulated the value of solidarity and the chance to discover positive things in the crisis , Karl Schiefermair.

Chancellor Kurz is hoping for a “turnaround” in the new year

Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) spoke of an extremely challenging year: “This year everyone realized that health is simply the greatest good, which unfortunately cannot be taken for granted.” The head of government emphasized how difficult it is, especially for older people, to walk the tightrope between necessary protection on the one hand and isolation on the other. Briefly, it was optimistic that the new year would “hopefully bring about a turnaround” and, with the return to normality, also enable “a state that sets as few rules as possible”.

Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler (Greens) called cohesion and patience, in private as well as in politics, as virtues of the pandemic, which also apply to the question of vaccination: “Some should bring arguments – but without coercion – and those who are skeptical are, listen to the arguments. ”

The opposition parties also put the message of togetherness in the foreground. SPÖ party leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner: “The great lesson of Corona is that we can only overcome such crises together.” Norbert Hofer, federal party leader of the FPÖ: “Especially at Christmas time, politics is not an issue, but the personal, human counts.” Helmut Brandstätter, Member of the NEOS National Council, pleaded for help for refugees: “Within the European Union there must be no such thing as hunger and displacement.”

Donations for “Licht ins Dunkel” are still possible

Donations can also be made after December 24th by calling or texting the free A1 donation phone number 0800-664-24-12 and online at or on Facebook at ORFLichtinsDunkel.

All information on donation options can also be found in ORF TELETEXT on page 680. The entire “Licht ins Dunkel” broadcast is available as a live stream and after it has been broadcast on TV for seven days on the video platform ORF-TVthek as a video-on- Demand available.

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