Aschenwald wins qualification in Oberstdorf – Huber 4th – Magazin Sport Nachrichten –


Philipp Aschenwald seized the opportunity
© WHAT (dpa)

Philipp Aschenwald can approach the first competition of the Four Hills Tournament on Tuesday (4.30 p.m. / live ORF Eins) in Oberstdorf with a lot of self-confidence. The 25-year-old won the qualification held on Monday in heavy snowfall with a jump of 128.5 meters with 134.9 points ahead of the Norwegian season leader Halvor Egner Granerud (1123.8). Daniel Huber was fourth (123.3) just behind. Stefan Kraft also made a good impression in eleventh (114.7).

All Austrians mastered the qualification, so Michael Hayböck, Jan Hörl, Markus Schiffner and Thomas Lackner are also at the start on Tuesday. Even before qualification, the Polish team around defending champion Dawid Kubacki had been excluded from the competition after a positive corona test by Klemens Muranka.

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