ATX ended the year with a loss of 12.8 percent


Dealers and market observers unanimously blame the corona crisis for the loss.

The Vienna Stock Exchange ended the last trading day of the year on Wednesday with a plus, but for the year as a whole, the stock exchange is clearly in the red against the background of the corona crisis. The domestic lead index ATX rose on Wednesday in a shortened trading session by a low 0.08 percent to 2,780.44 points. The broader ATX Prime also gained 0.08 percent to 1,412.91 points.

Over the course of the year, however, the ATX fell significantly: Compared to the end of 2019, the share barometer lost 12.76 percent. At the ATX Prime the discount was 12.11 percent.

Traders and market observers unanimously blame the coronavirus pandemic, which had caused turmoil on the stock markets worldwide since the beginning of March, to be responsible for the heavy losses in this stock market year. Unlike in New York or Tokyo, however, the indices in Austria could not work their way back into the profit zone over the course of the year.


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ATX ended year loss percent


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