Avalanche in Carinthia: People buried freed themselves


In an avalanche in the Maltatal ( Spittal an der Drau district), three people were buried early Thursday afternoon. According to police spokeswoman Sabrina Samitz, the three ski tourers are likely to have been very lucky: One of them was only partially buried, he managed to dig himself up and free the other two.

According to the police, the three Carinthians, two 33-year-old men and a 34-year-old woman, kicked off a slab of snow while climbing the 2,633-meter-high Tandlspitze. “ On-site emergency services speak of a huge slab of snow that has come off,” said Samitz. One of the men had an avalanche airbag on his back, which triggered, which is why he was not buried deep. “The woman was buried up to the head, the other man was even with his head down in the snow,” said the police spokeswoman.

Two of the alpinists were slightly injured, but all three were taken to the Spittal an der Drau hospital. The avalanche resulted in a large-scale operation by mountain rescue and alpine police, and other ski tourers who were in the vicinity had rushed to help.

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