Bachelorette 2020 (RTL): Dreamdate scandal! Favorite flies upright after breaking a taboo


The Bachelorette 2020 (RTL): Three men fight in the semi-finals for the heart of beautiful Melissa. For a favorite, however, the love journey ends abruptly – because he betrays the Bachelorette.

Santorin / Crete – Now it’s getting serious – semifinals in “The Bachelorette 2020”! On Wednesday (December 2nd, 8:15 p.m.) the three candidates will be on RTL Ioannis Amanatidis (30), Leander Sacher (22) and Daniel Häusle (24) on the picturesque island of Santorini among the much sought-after Dreamdatesto inspire the lady of your heart Melissa for your own merits. But of course also to get closer to the beautiful woman from Stuttgart and to get in touch, after all, the spectacular individual dates were already in previous ones “Bachelorette” seasons not infrequently groundbreaking for the future – and thus staying on the show.

Beware, spoilers: But with a pairing, no romantic mood wants to arise. Instead of flirting, hot kisses and an overnight stay on the Dreamdate by Bachelorette Melissa with the self-confident macho Greek Ioannis there is plenty of material for discussion, unnecessary provocation and finally even a solid one Breach of trust, for which Ioannis took the bill in many ways shortly afterwards. But how could this nasty semi-final surprise even come about? MANNHEIM24 gives the details.

Television broadcast Die Bachelorette
Sender RTL Television
Episodes 46 (7 seasons)
First broadcast 10. November 2004
occupation Nadine Klein, Gerda Lewis, Arne Jessen

The Bachelorette 2020 (RTL): Ioannis “Janni” Amanatidis – From top favorite to bogeyman

Their future together looked so bright! Ioannis „Janni“ Amanatidis was with home advantage this year Bachelorette season started and set an impressive pace. With his funny and bold sayings and thanks to his qualities as a profound interlocutor, the 30-year-old from Viersen with Greek roots hit the heart of week after week Melissa and subsequently took home one rose after the other.

The mix of self-confidence and openness, what his feelings for Bachelorette Melissa concerns, catapulted “Janni” quickly into the ranks of the absolute top favorites of this year Bachelorette-Season. So far, he and Melissa have been on the same wavelength, their chemistry can be felt through the screens.

The (logical) consequence: Rosen-Boy Ioannis received the first overnight stay date of the seventh season and exchanged hot kisses with Bachelorette Melissa as the first candidate – one or the other more should follow later. But to the surprise of all viewers comes the actually so romantic one Dream date in Santorini everything very different.

The Bachelorette 2020 (RTL): When the dream date turns into a nightmare – scandal between Ioannis and Melissa

In front of a fantastic backdrop it goes for Ioannis and Bachelorette Melissa on to the long-awaited Dreamdate full of romance and flirtation – that’s how the Stuttgart-born woman must have imagined it, at least in theory. After all, we know the breathtaking dates exactly from the last Rosen seasons. The practice is very different, however.

Was Melissa With Ioannis experienced, is characterized primarily by cold looks, differences of opinion and a nasty taboo break. Too much for this year Bachelorette, because while the sun is gradually disappearing on the horizon of Santorini, not only is it literally getting darker. The Date of Melissa and Ioannis is becoming more and more uncomfortable and finally an ordeal for the 25-year-old, who previously made headlines with her flirt with DSDS juror Pietro Lombardi.

The Bachelorette 2020 (RTL): Dream date between Ioannis and Melissa – jealousy, provocation and breach of trust

It doesn’t take long to realize that Dreamdate between Ioannis and Melissa going in a completely wrong direction. First the two chug a Vespa across the picturesque Greek island of Santorini. But even then, the 30-year-old wants his lady of the heart to be targeted again and again provocative sayings lure from the reserve.

The fact that the macho Greek currently still has to “share” his dream woman with his competitors Daniel and Leander suddenly no longer falls so self-confident Ioannis apparently difficult. That’s why he’s trying to find out how Bachelorette actually stands by the other candidates instead of concentrating on yourself and the current date. Melissa obviously doesn’t think that’s cool at all, but can (still) overlook it.

Looks say more than a thousand words: The dream date between Ioannis and Bachelorette Melissa backfires.

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And indeed: When it comes to the grape pressing, that takes Dreamdate speed up again. Ioannis and Melissa laugh together, have fun and finally enjoy the time together. But the harmony doesn’t last long. At the candlelight dinner in the evening that will be Dreamdate from second to second more tense, the former spark between Melissa and Ioannis one looks in vain. All attempts to rescue the Greek are of no use. The Bachelorette goes at a distance. In tears refused him Melissa not only one hugbut also one kiss.

In the interview afterwards, she reveals visibly moved that she felt very uncomfortable and did not think that she could have this feeling with Ioannis of all people. “I felt very small and cramped again […]. I want to feel good, not uncomfortable“Confesses Melissa finally. Ioannis suspects directly that he could have shot himself offside with his behavior.

Tried the next morning Ioannis At breakfast together again to turn things around, but then it finally comes to Scandal. When the candidate, during the conversation, intended as a debate, comes up with things that Melissa told him away from the cameras during the overnight date confided about their past the Bachelorette finally pulls the ripcord. She feels because of the Breaking a taboo betrayed and ended breakfast.

The Bachelorette 2020 (RTL): After (Alb) dream date – Melissa throws Ioannis out

I need a woman who can set limits for me“It says on Ioannis’ profile page RTL. He has it in Melissa definitely found, as the following night of roses shows. After Daniel first got a rose and thus entry into this year’s Bachelorette-Finale secures, the tension increases more and more. But Ioannis’ hopes are ultimately dashed when Melissa not him, but Leander gives the second and last rose of the evening.

After the botched Dreamdate pulls Bachelorette Melissa So the consequence and throws Ioannis out after the semi-finals. She justifies the expulsion with the fact that she was reminded of an old relationship with the Greek, in which she felt uncomfortable – and the likeable Stuttgart woman no longer wants that. “I don’t think we’d do each other well in the long run“, Draws the 25-year-old consequent conclusion.

So next week (December 9th) from 8:15 p.m. on RTL it will be decided which of the two finalists from Daniel and Leander will win the heart of the beautiful Bachelorette – or maybe everything will turn out differently? It remains exciting! (rob)

Headline list image: © RTL Television

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