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Berlin – Nicholas was also on the move in Corona times. On the second weekend of Advent there were some pre-Christmas activities in Germany.

– In Rettenberg in Oberallgäu, Santa Claus distributed gifts with a bag slide in a family drive-in at the fire station: 38 families had registered for the campaign of the Bavarian community and sent the organizers bags and small texts for the children. Organizer Stephanie Voss said: “It was important to us that the children had something.” Otherwise the visit to St. Nicholas would have been canceled.

– Fire department height rescuers surprised little patients on St. Nicholas Day at the Children’s University Hospital in Hamburg. Disguised as Santa Claus and superheroes, they roped down from the roof of the clinic building on Sunday to distract the children from everyday hospital life. The Corona year was very difficult for the young patients because they often could not even receive direct visits to the isolation wards, said fire department spokesman Jan Ole Unger. That’s why they wanted to make the children happy.

– In many parts of North Rhine-Westphalia, farmers provided hundreds of Christmas-lit tractors for small bright spots in the pandemic. The motto of the campaign on St. Nicholas’ Eve was “A spark of hope”. According to the “Land Creates Connection” alliance, the farmers made stopovers in hospitals and homes to hand out small presents.

– During a Santa Claus campaign for truck drivers, pastors from several dioceses distributed small gifts to the truckers at a rest stop near Worms. “Truck drivers work under the toughest conditions, are hardly valued and can hardly take part in social life,” said Hans-Georg Orthlauf-Blooß from the Diocese of Mainz on Saturday while distributing chocolate and apples. “We see this as thanks for your important service.” In addition to men and women from Germany, drivers from Eastern Europe in particular are on the highways, said Orthlauf-Blooß. A thank you card was written for them in several languages.

– The Nikolaus post office in St. Nikolaus in Saarland has been opened in a new hut that only two visitors are allowed to visit at a time. The team of volunteers has already answered around 15,000 letters – more than usual at that time, as the chairman of the St. Nicholas Festival Committee of the St. Nicholas Post Office, Peter Gerecke, said. “There’s been a real flood of letters this year.” Corona is often the top topic in letters from children from all over the world. Many wanted the pandemic to go away. There are seven Christmas post offices in Germany where children can send their letters to Santa Claus, the Christ Child or Santa Claus.

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