“Bauer sucht Frau” candidate breaks off the farm week – and leaves without saying goodbye


“Farmer seeks wife”: Between Jacky and young farmer Simon, the farm week went differently than hoped. Image: screenshot tvnow

Lonely departure: “Bauer sucht Frau” candidate breaks off the farm week

Jungbauer Simon certainly imagined it differently: When he first met the “farmer is looking for a wife” candidate, the seventh candidate was already generous and even sent the first potential lady-in-waiting home without an individual interview. Now he may get the receipt for his hasty action. Because his chosen one is packing her suitcase again after a very short time in the yard.

When she asked if Simon would come to visit the Ruhr area, Jacky had expected more euphoria. But he was probably too focused on driving the tractor, his answer typically North German chilled:

Not exactly what the 21-year-old had imagined. And it apparently got worse.

Candidate serves farmer

She then reports to the camera that the two’s ideas about further planning are probably completely different. While she is a person “who likes to have a plan in life”, Simon’s future plans might not have been that important.

The dairy farmer was quite surprised by Jacky’s spontaneous decision to pack his bags and leave. “I think you didn’t like that I can’t say exactly when and how we’ll meet. It’s just not that easy on a farm,” he sums up. He could only have planned meetings spontaneously, that is what his job entails.

Jacky packs her suitcase lonely. Image: screenshot tvnow

Love search with “Bauer sucht Frau” already ended?

But that wasn’t the only problem. Speaking openly about what’s going on in him doesn’t seem to be Simon’s forte either. “It would have been nice for me if he had talked about his feelings”says Jacky. That the young farmer might just have needed a little more time to thaw? Jacky never thought of that.

So she leaves her farmer alone in the cowshed and leaves alone. RTL does not show a farewell or even a clarifying conversation between the two.

It remains to be seen whether the search for love on TV is actually over for the farmer. He wouldn’t be the first to give an already eliminated lady another chance …


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