“Bauer sucht Frau” – Finale: chaos of love in the countryside


“Bauer sucht Frau” – Finale
Love chaos in the countryside

By Kai Butterweck

Tears instead of kisses: the mood at the big “Bauer sucht Frau” final is gloomy. Everyday life between Schleswig-Holstein and Bavaria has torn deep wounds of frustration. Most “couples” don’t have much left of the pink courtyard week feeling.
Not far away from the hustle and bustle of the capital, the tables are lovingly set in Brandenburger Irgendwo. Fresh lye pastries, rustic napkin art and lots of freshly tapped beer: everything is prepared for Inca and their lovable forest and meadow couples. Donkey buddy Thomas and his Bianca are the first guests to present themselves in perfect harmony as a couple after a pink farm week and a subsequent love holiday on the North Sea coast.

After all, Steffi and Lutz still like each other.

(Photo: TVNOW / friese.tv/ Andreas)

Inka is beside herself with joy, not yet suspecting that the tide will turn very soon. Of course, the two deeply in love Highlanders Steffi and Lutz also appear with two hundred butterflies in their bellies. But that’s it from the Friede -joy-pancake department. What follows is sheer chaos. With the arrival of Bachelor farmer Patrick, a memorable relay race of the failed begins.

“Hold on to your women!”

The completely puzzled-looking Inca doesn’t even know which courtship curmudgeon to deal with first. “Hold on to your wives!” Echoes through the party barn. Yes, Patrick is quite a charmer. But isn’t the lower Franconian firmly in love with Julia the cheeky cheek? Patrick’s looks in the direction of the plump cleavage of court week dropout Antonia somehow speak a different language. And indeed: The love act Julia is closed. Patrick actually wants to try again with the calendar girl. It’s not just the Inca who widen their eyes.

Julia and Patrick’s unexpected end of love is just the beginning. The house blessing hangs wrong (again) with relay Rapunzel Denise and soldier Sascha. “He can’t get his jealous attacks under control,” complains the blonde horse hostess from Höxter.

Sascha’s problems could once again open the door for Nils, who is at the start together with Muckimann Till and has not yet completely given up hope (“For me the story is not over yet”).

No time for love

Hope is a good keyword. Tatiana made that too. Too bad that with egg expert Rüdiger, apparently quite unexpectedly, “the harvest came in between”. Somehow there wasn’t much time left for love.

BsF Antonia, Patrick, Till, Nils, Julia, Steffi, Lutz.jpg

Except for expenses, nothing has been said by many farmers.

(Photo: TVNOW / friese.tv/ Andreas)

Instead of euphoric togetherness stories, question marks are piled up in rows on Inka Bause’s table. Unfortunately, potato pope Peter doesn’t have any answers with him either. His short-term love story with kid Alina was just as short-lived as the intense affair between asparagus farmer Thomas and his Viennese Nicole. The latter has still not digested the consistently bland short vacation after the farm week. “You can’t force feelings,” defends Thomas. Hardened fronts wherever the eye looks.

Andy shoots the bird

The love barn is transformed into a therapy center for total refusals seeking help. And then there are also cattle breeder Andy who go nuts. First Nicole, then Maya. Then all over again. And in between, a mystical stranger without a name: In the orbit of the hoofed animal expert, who always grins mischievously, even the most experienced relationship therapist puts her hands to her face.

In the end there is only cursing and crying. What a finale! Inka, too, is slowly but surely at the end of her love Latin. But: The show must go on. And so the boss trills a thoughtful minor scenario into the microphone at the end: “Do you feel your heart?”, It beats out into the Brandenburg night. The darkness owes an answer. Who is surprised.

Missed the final on TV? “Bauer sucht Frau” is also available at TVNOW at any time. Further information on the program is available from RTL.de.

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