Berlin & Brandenburg: More than 700 corona deaths in Berlin


Berlin & Brandenburg
More than 700 corona deaths in Berlin

Berlin (dpa / bb) – The number of corona deaths in Berlin has risen to over 700. As the health administration announced in its daily status report on Tuesday, 732 (+33) people have been proven to have died from or with the virus. The first death was officially confirmed in Berlin almost 9 months ago, on March 20.

The Berlin Corona traffic light showed two reds again: the seven-day incidence of 190.7 was well above the top warning level of 30. In addition, 27.3 percent of the intensive care beds in Berlin hospitals were currently occupied by Covid 19 patients. The limit for the highest warning level was 25 percent.

The number of new infections rose by 1,348 cases and was now 73,431. 52,666 people were considered to have recovered, 1,400 more than the previous day.

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