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The corona vaccinations in Berlin should start on Sunday. “Nursing homes come first,” said Health Senator Dilek Kalayci (SPD) on Tuesday on RBB Inforadio, referring to the high number of infections and deaths.

“We will therefore start immediately with the mobile teams.” There should be a total of 60 of them going to the nursing homes, said Kalayci. It is planned that 40 of them will initially be used. The routes were being planned.

The six vaccination centers planned for Berlin are also ready, which will then be available for the mass vaccinations, said Kalayci. “Berlin is ready to go.” Organizationally, it’s all very new.

The entrance of the Corona vaccination center in the Arena Treptow, where concerts and other events take place (Photo: AP)
The entrance of the Corona vaccination center in the Arena Treptow, where concerts and other events take place (Photo: AP)

“Of course we hope that everything will work, but we don’t know for sure. Of course, something can always go wrong, ”said Kalayci. “In the end, I hope that many Berliners will accept the offer and that we will have a high vaccination rate.”

In addition to the residents of the nursing homes, the employees in the facilities are also to be vaccinated at the same time. Depending on how much vaccine is available, people over 80 who do not live in nursing homes would then be invited in writing and vaccinated. “But that will take a while,” said the senator. Unfortunately, the vaccine is only coming gradually.

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Nursing home residents vaccinated by early February

Kalayci expects the vaccinations for the residents in the nursing homes to last until the beginning of February and those of the nurses until mid-February. In addition, the invitations should be sent to those over 80 as early as January. “We hope that everything works well and smoothly, but ask for your understanding, as we have never done anything like this, that it might take a while at one point or another.”

The first 9,750 vaccine doses from the company Biontech, which received approval for its vaccine on Monday, are to be delivered to Berlin on Saturday. 19,500 more cans are to follow on Monday and another 29,500 two days later. That is a total of almost 59,000 cans for December.

From the beginning of 2021, weekly deliveries of 29,750 vaccine doses would then be expected, the health administration said on Monday evening.

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