Berlin police officers are attacked and injured


Updated on December 5th, 2020, 5:39 pm

Berlin (dpa / bb) – Several police officers were attacked during operations in Berlin-Mitte and Grünau.

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First, on Friday morning, an officer who drew the attention of a man on Alexanderplatz to the mask requirement, as a spokesman announced on Saturday.

The person addressed is said to have refused to wear mouth and nose protection at the tram stop despite repeated requests. When the police officer then held him, he is said to have grabbed the woman by the neck and pressed against a construction site barrier. There she fought with her baton. Two men came to the aid of the policewoman. She was slightly injured. The attacker was arrested.

A police officer was attacked by an aggressive man in Grünau on Friday evening. The officers were on duty because of a dispute in the water sports avenue. A 34-year-old is said to have screamed loudly during the on-site clarification and hit a superintendent with his fists in the chest. He was then brought to the ground and handcuffed. There he insulted the officers and kicked the superintendent in the head. A fresh surgical wound started bleeding on the attacker’s leg. He came to a hospital. The policeman finished his duty with minor injuries to his head and trunk.
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