Bicycle hater (54) pulls barriers in front of moving ambulances with blue lights – BZ Berlin


On Tuesday lunchtime on Friedrichstrasse, a man suddenly pulled a traffic barrier on the street in front of an approaching ambulance. The ambulance had to evade, the man just kept walking.

On the car-free section of Friedrichstrasse, he is said to have insulted and attacked several cyclists beforehand, as an eyewitness reported to the Tagesspiegel.

The witness had followed the man from Leipziger Strasse, and at Jägerstrasse he was said to have already seen the man pulling barriers onto the cycle path and a cyclist having to avoid it. Photos of the witness Anatol Wiecki, also to be seen on Twitter, prove the information.

Then at around 1 p.m. the ambulance from Unter den Linden with its blue lights headed south on Friedrichstrasse. According to the Berlin fire brigade, a patient was transferred from one hospital to another with the car.

The ambulance is about 30 to 40 meters before the Französische Straße, where the car-free route on Friedrichstraße to the south begins. Suddenly the man pulls the barrier onto the road. The ambulance driver just evades and drives onto the bicycle street on the other side of the lane.

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The eyewitness then alerts the police, and emergency services provide the man. The 54-year-old said that he simply hated cyclists, a spokesman for the Berlin police reported later.

According to the police, the 54-year-old has further stated that he had not seen the approaching ambulance – despite the blue light. Now the man is being investigated for dangerous interference in road traffic.

On their way, rescue workers had to stop their car with the intensive care patient again. They had to move two bicycles out of the way, as a fire department spokesman reported.

“We are on the move as part of the emergency response,” said the fire department spokesman. “We look for the shortest route when human lives can be saved. Then we also take the bicycle road. ”

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