Black Friday: Image from Media Markt causes outrage – “It’s a shame that checks are never carried out at that time”


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Black Friday during Corona times: Concerns about too many customers in electrical stores had become public in advance. A photo is now fueling the fears.

  • The Black Friday 2020 will take place on November 27 this year. Before that, there were numerous bargain offers in Black Week.
  • One Electrical wholesalers experienced next to the Wut of customers about the sold out Playstation 5 further allegations.
  • In the social media customers complain about Grievances in terms of Corona-Pandemie.

Munich – The Black Friday falls on November 27th this year. The week before, in the „Black Week“ there was a hail of offers and advertising Discounts from all sides. Electronic products such as Notebooks, Coffee machines and TV sets. Shortly before Black Week, the Playstation 5 (PS5) released – the one console fans have been waiting for for seven years. The consumer electronics stores Media market and Saturn could not immediately fulfill all pre-orders and triggered a huge shit storm – especially on social media. Breakdowns in the online shop also annoyed customers. The angry comments on the Internet are not only directed at the PS5 – one or the other also reports on Misdemeanor on Black Friday during Corona-Pandemie.

Media Markt Shitstorm on Black Friday on Facebook: Are you looking for several branches in times of Corona?

keep distance and only meet people for the bare essentials – that is the ideal case in everyday corona. Unusually, on the other hand, that apparently one Media Markt customer It was advised to go to several stores on shopping day number one – Black Friday – for a smartphone.

“I called to find out what the S10 Plus or S 20 FE will cost for Black Friday today,” wrote a lady under a “Media Markt” post in Facebook. “I wanted to see if I could compare to the prices that im Onlineshop can save because I would never order online anyway, ”she continues. But the Employee on the phone would have told her to come to the market. In addition, one would have the customer also cannot say whether the same in all branches Purchase price gilt.

Media-Markt-Shitstorm on Black Friday on Facebook – “For me personally, farmer catching up”

A no-go for the lady. “I don’t want to Coronazeiten Shut down the stores unnecessarily. ”Besides, she just wanted to know if she was on Black Friday would save when buying one of the devices mentioned. The frustrating one Conclusion via Media Markt on Facebook then read: “For me personally […] Farmer fishing in relation to Black Friday! “

Media Markt Shitstorm on “Black Friday” on Facebook – no gap on bargain day?

A user commented on a Facebook post from Media Markt: “Clearance is not the case and that is definitely too many for the shopping area – it’s a shame that people never check or look the other way” and added a photo from a branch.

© Screenshot/Facebook

Another Media Markt customer reported with one Photo straight from a Subsidiary company out and object to non-compliance with Corona measures. The snapshot was apparently taken on Black Friday. “Distance nil and there are definitely too many for the shopping area – it’s a shame that never controlled or is looked away, ”says the man about a photo on which several People can be seen in a Media Markt branch. Things didn’t look any better at Saturn either. A customer described his experiences in the electronics market.

Media Markt Shitstorm on “Black Friday” on Facebook – customers get nothing when shopping

Frustrated about the failure his bargain hunt on Black Friday is another user. “Everything I wanted to buy lately didn’t exist. No Ps5, no Xbox, no Iphone, no Apple Watch, ”he writes under one Facebook post from Media Markt, which is actually supposed to advertise a ceramic hob with an oven. But the angry users simply ignore the advertising. It remains to be seen whether the young man has experienced all of his failures at the electrical wholesale market.

Background: According to the German Retail Association (HDE), the bargain hunt on the Black Friday discount day has shifted more to the Internet this year. An association spokesman said on Friday that the shops in the pedestrian zones and shopping centers have also been participating in Black Friday with their own discount campaigns for years. But the starting conditions for them are significantly worse this year than for online trading. Because of the Corona crisis, the number of visitors in the city centers has fallen sharply. “This year, online retail will particularly benefit from Black Friday.”

Rubriklistenbild: © picture alliance / Alexander Heinl/dpa

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