Boy cheers over Dzeko’s AS Roma jersey – social media hit


It was the last Christmas present to be opened for little David from Italy, but it was clearly the best: A boy was so excited about a jersey from soccer professional Edin Dzeko that the video of his jubilation made it into the Social media channels Dzekos and his club AS Roma managed to do.

“This is the last present from Babbo Natale,” you heard a voice say before the little one tore away the wrapping paper. Babbo Natale (Santa Claus) is like the Christ Child who brings Christmas presents to children in Italy.

When David saw the jersey, there was no stopping him: “Dzeko, Dzeko, Dzeko,” he shouted. He burst into tears with joy and immediately put on the gift. “I love you David,” wrote Dzeko when he shared the video on Facebook on Saturday. AS Roma also shared the cheering clip for the visibly successful Christmas present on their own Twitter channel. Several thousand users reacted to the posts with a heart, it was also shared thousands of times.

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