Burglars set off explosives alarm in Pankow! It was just … – BZ Berlin


On Monday evening, police officers were called to Vinetastrasse in Pankow, and an apartment had apparently been broken into. Since then, an ominous ticking could be heard from the apartment, which no one could explain.

The tenant did not have anything that could have caused this strange noise. In the meantime, the officials had also looked into the apartment using a turntable ladder, unfortunately this action could not clarify anything.

The officers on site decided to alert the defusing specialists of the Berlin police. In the meantime, the officers evacuated two houses and house entrances and blocked Vinetastraße.

Shortly after the specialists arrived, the all-clear could be given: An old birthday card, which usually played a song, made the suspicious noises. Presumably the burglars rummaged through the apartment for valuables and the card was now open … If the card battery is empty, hears. one probably just a strange ticking.

A technical commissioner from the management secured traces of the break-in that night and started the investigation.

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