Business insider: Christmas markets canceled and Hamburg bank brings out wooden debit card


2.12. 17:00: Plastic-free payment: Hamburger Bank brings out wooden debit card
The market for cards is getting more and more unusual. There are now also models made of grass fiber, sugar cane or cardboard.
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2.12. 16:55: New rescue package: Tui receives corona aid from the state for the third time
The world’s largest tour operator needs help again because of the corona pandemic. It’s about 1.8 billion – and aid from the state.
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2.12. 16:18: Elon Musk warns workforce: shares could crumble like “soufflé under a sledgehammer” if Tesla isn’t careful
Tesla reported its fourth consecutive quarterly profit in October. The company expects a positive annual balance for the first time this year.
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2.12. 15:28: Eon, Bayer, Adidas: The statutory quota of women on boards brings many DAX companies into trouble
Research shows that 25 out of 160 DAX companies would be affected by the planned statutory quota of women on executive boards
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2.12. 15:04: Christmas markets canceled: So the showmen are now fighting
Christmas markets suffer from Corona and make heavy losses. Now the showmen are looking for alternatives.
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2.12. 14:19: Why Jeff Bezos only “very rarely” focuses on day-to-day Amazon business – and which weekly meeting is most important to him
The billionaire prefers to focus on long-term planning and leave the day-to-day business to others.
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2.12. 13:31: VW’s small car ID.2: Wolfsburg based on support from China
A market launch of the small electric car, which should cost just 20,000 euros, is not expected until 2023 at the earliest.
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2.12. 12:25: The Lucid Motors boss learned this important lesson from his former boss Elon Musk
Peter Rawlinson was once the technical director at Tesla under Elon Musk. Now he works at Lucid and shares a lesson from his ex-boss.
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2.12. 12:12: Bribes in emissions trading: Was energy expert Thomas Pilgram involved in sales tax fraud?
Organized crime benefited from Pilgram’s good reputation and is said to have rewarded him with bribes in the millions.
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2.12. 11:41: This financial planner bought her own home – and explains why she regretted it and now prefers to live in a rented apartment
Financial advisor Chloe Moore advises against investing in home ownership and would stick to renting to build wealth and prosperity.
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