Buy Playstation 5: Sony announces further delivery dates


What about the different versions and what advantages they offer, we have in our extensive PS5 test explained for you.

The Pre-order process for PlayStation 5 was plentiful chaotic, the console has been as good as for weeks nowhere to be found.

To the official publication date on November 19th was the Console back in stock at some dealers. But as expected, this contingent was quickly sold out, and some of the servers from Amazon and co. Many customers were left with nothing. According to statements by the Sony boss, all Sony consoles are actually out of stock at this point in time.

If you are interested in a PlayStation 5, we recommend the following: Check it regularly online at the larger dealerswhether a pre-order or a purchase is possible again. The corresponding You can find links to the shops below. As soon as one of the dealers announces another wave of sales, you will find out here.

We advise against buying overpriced consoles on Ebay and Co.. Better to wait for the next official wave of sales and save several hundred euros.

Important: There will be no PS5 consoles to buy in the local dealerships for the next few weeks. This is to prevent possible crowds in times of Corona. You can only buy online – you can find a list of shops here.

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