Buy PS5: 1 & 1 offers you a Sony PlayStation 5 with a DSL contract



With 1 & 1 you can secure the PS5 in combination with a DSL contract. We will lead you directly to the offer below.

Buy PlayStation 5 at 1 & 1

  • If you book a DSL tariff with 1 & 1, you also get a PS5.
  • The delivery of the PS5 should take place within ten days before the switching date.

The shopping horror around the PS5 should be quite annoying by now. It’s sold out everywhere. But you can secure the PS5 from Sony with a DSL tariff at 1 & 1.

At 1&1 Secure PS5 with DSL tariff

In the meantime the rumor was circulating that 1 & 1 would now only issue a voucher for the console, but this is not true, as the provider has now informed us upon request. If you take advantage of the offer, the console will still be sent shortly before the switching date.

Order PS5 online: Alternative offers

Alternatively, you could get a PS5 with a mobile phone contract from Mobilcom-Debitel. The number is limited, however.

You also have the option of pre-ordering a console from Sparstrom, but here you have to expect a longer waiting time before you really get the PS5.

You can read about whether the new Sony console is really convincing in our review of the PlayStation 5.

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