Buy PS5: security level like buying a weapon?


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More and more reports are circulating on the Internet from users who state that they did not feel particularly safe buying the Playstation 5. In times when the current next-gen consoles or other hardware encourage fraud or theft, this currently seems to be the norm.

The Playstation 5 from the Japanese video game company Sony got off to a completely successful start. The next-gen console originally appeared in mid-November 2020 and since the demand may still be extremely high due to the current situation around the corona virus, the Playstation 5 is still only barely available or not available at all. In many cases you get a console at horrendous prices on various price exchanges or you have to queue up for weeks.

PS5: Users report dangerous shopping trips

Because there are more and more reports that employees in electronics shops steal consoles or that there is a lot of fraud in connection with the Playstation 5 on the Internet, strange security conditions now apply. A thread was hotly debated on Reddit in which a user who works at Walmart reports that the new consoles are being stored in the management’s office. When a customer wants to buy a console, they are accompanied by a co-manager, assistant manager and team lead supervisor. The same terms would apply if someone wanted to buy a shotgun or hunting rifle.

In the same thread, another user reports half-jokingly: “I won’t lie: I asked the Target manager if he could accompany me to the car.” Other PS5 buyers probably had a similar uneasy feeling: “When I got mine at Best Buy, I went to my car and there were about four to five people standing outside just staring at me. So I hit the gas and got into mine Car and closed my doors. I turned and saw two guys walking towards my car, which terrified me. I got off this parking lot faster than ever before. Looking back, they could have been innocent and walked to a car next to me or me Want to ask a question, but I didn’t take any chances with the PS5 in my hands. ”

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