Buzzer breakdown gets Dieter Bohlen going


She already competed once to become “Das Supertalent”. But with Vanessa Calcagno it seems bewitched. Although she made it to the finals in season three, her start in 2020 went wrong again.

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Vanessa Calcagno made it to the finals of “Das Supertalent” in 2009 – only to lose out against Yvo Antoni and his bitch Primadonna. The 34-year-old apparently did not want to leave second place in the third season and started a new attempt this year. Again, the jump to the finale should succeed with an emotional opera singing.

The mother of two from Saarbr├╝cken decided on “Nessum dorma” from the “Turandot” opera by Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924) – and moved all four jurors to tears. The audience went wild, too, with applause from time to time. Moderator Daniel Hartwich knew how to report backstage: “She doesn’t seem to have forgotten it.” You can see the performance of the opera singer above in the article or right here in the video.

Dieter Bohlen is blown away: “Not one tone messed up”

At the end of the day it was the culmination of the performance: Pop titan Dieter Bohlen stood up and applauded. “Vanessa, unbelievable! In my opinion you sing even better than you did then,” he brought into the microphone, visibly impressed, and didn’t want to stop with the hymn of praise: “You haven’t messed up a note. The feelings were right, this whole theatricality – right out of it deepest heart. ” Turning to his jury colleagues, he said with a look at the golden buzzer: “All four of us could go and buzz.”

They did not hesitate long and rushed together on the buzzer, which triggers the final ticket directly. A moment that the “Supertalent” traditionally celebrates with golden confetti rain – just not this time. As reported by “Bild”, Evelyn Burdecki was the first to notice: “Nothing comes out” and Daniel Hartwich joked: “I think we have no more glitter.” While the confetti rain was subsequently simulated on the computer for the TV viewers, it came off Dieter Bohlen is on the move again through the breakdown: “Fuck tinsel. You have that in our hearts. ”

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