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When the 68 tram has left the stop with the equally improbable and confusable name Vollkropfgraben behind, Rosenweg approaches. “Huh, rose bed?” Asked a child on the train the other day, because the automatic announcement sounds a bit like the mouth and nose being covered. At the next concrete plant (“Betonberg?”) It doesn’t get any better. But soon.

The BVG has a new voice. She has been on the first buses since Sunday, soon in all the others and in the tram. The subway will be retuned next year.

Not just like that, but as “part of a new sound branding that the BVG specialists are currently working on.” Sound brand master at BVG – a dream job! Anyone who has freed the world from the scourge of the door-locking device can be at peace with it.

Also the notification gong (“Masks uff, you dumb noses!”) And the music on hold will be re-sounded. The BVG does not disclose which band was hired. But the voice: Philippa Jarke, 45, born in Wilmersdorf, voice actress. In more than 100 hours in the studio, she recorded around 4200 files, according to the BVG.

The text modules should also be usable for future generations of vehicles that can automatically generate fault messages. For this, there was funding from the Federal Ministry of Transport, whose responsibility extends to digital infrastructure in addition to funerals of billions for messed up foreigner toll contracts and motorway privatizations. This does not seem to mean stable WiFi in schools, but things like this now at BVG.

[Der Verkehr in der Metropole ist regelmäßig auch ein Thema in unseren Leute-Newslettern aus den zwölf Berliner Bezirken. Die Newsletter können Sie hier kostenlos bestellen:]

Jarke’s deep voice is vaguely reminiscent of that of BVG spokeswoman Petra Nelken, which was obviously not the decisive criterion: Understandable for those interested, ignorable for everyone else – that was what mattered. You don’t want to annoy more than necessary at BVG.

And so back on hold, where Chris Rea is likely to be a double favorite with “Driving home for Christmas” and “The road to hell”.

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