“Call me Catherine”: Duchess Kate wonderfully normal


Duchess Kate (38) does not attach great importance to formal phrases! The wife of Prince William (38) is known to love contact with people and likes to be close to the people and down to earth. In the past, she has not only answered curious questions from her fans in a Q&A, but also telephoned British citizens on special occasions. Len Gardner, whom the duchess had called last May, now revealed: Kate even offered to call her by her first name!

In conversation with The Sun the pensioner said that the mother of three called him during the health crisis and said very private things. The beauty not only talked about her children Prince George (7), Princess Charlotte (5) and Prince Louis (2), but also about preparing pasta and shearing sheep. According to Len, Kate didn’t insist on her title of nobility and other formalities at all. “Just call me Catherine”she is supposed to have said.

For the 85-year-old, however, it is not just an honor to almost “be with you” with the future queen – the fact that he has even spoken to the brunette on the phone makes him totally proud. “After the first two sentences it felt like talking to a perfectly normal person”, enthused Len. He will always keep fond memories of the forty-minute conversation.

Duchess Kate in London October 2020
Prince William, Duchess Kate, Prince Louis, Prince George and Princess Charlotte
Duchess Kate in Derby, England

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