Card-based roguelite tactics launches on Xbox One


Today, December 17th, 2020 Tino Gamez and SK Telecom released the roguelite adventure Neoverse, which was released for PC in February and has been downloaded more than 250,000 times on Steam and rated “very positively”, for Xbox One. The download from the Microsoft Store costs 19.49 euros. In addition, the title is also included in the Xbox Game Pass (Ultimate).
According to the game description is Neoverse “a timeless, multiversal game made up of exciting adventures packed with great and exciting challenges; combines roguelite, card deck building and strategy in a single game. It puts your skills to the test. Go on an adventure with unique heroes, to save the realms of the living regardless of time and space. “

The following features are mentioned:

  • Create your own strategy with around 300 cards and more than 100 skills.
  • Choose from 3 charismatic characters, each with their own unique skills and assets.
  • Over 70 types of monsters that must be defeated to save the world, each with its own behavior.
  • Multiple skill combinations for each hero
  • Challenging levels for experienced players
  • Experience different combinations by unlocking new cards from game to game
  • Your future travel destinations will depend on all decisions made in the here and now
  • Actions and enemies alternate between the past, the future and even unwritten legends.
  • Strategy adjustment is key to saving NEOVERSE
  • Auto-draw system for remaining cards
  • Weave your talent tree and create your own combination of your skills
  • Switch between different equipment options to master your game
  • Unlock the DLC and enjoy even more fun throughout Neoverse
  • Customize your character so that it merges with your unique role as a hero

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