Chaos and dispute during vaccination – Chancellor, it must NOT continue like this in 2021 – domestic politics


Big confusion about our vaccine!

It sounded like a redeeming Christmas present, which Health Minister Jens Spahn (40, CDU) announced three days before Christmas Eve: “On December 27th. it starts in Germany “, tweeted Spahn. “ By the end of this year, over 1.3 million vaccine doses will be delivered to the federal states.” AND: “ In January at least another 670,000 doses will be delivered every week.”

Spahn keeps the 1.3 million promise. Not that with the weekly delivery in January!

Wednesday the embarrassing recall: The federal states received an email “on behalf of Federal Minister Jens Spahn” (available from BILD). Content: the delivery dates of the next Biontech ampoules. Surprise: There is NO new batch in the first week of January, the plan was January 4th.


Numbers jumble with the delivery dates

“A real nuisance,” the head of a vaccination center complained to BILD.

“We were actually clocked until January 15th. We’ll be through by January 5th at the latest with the vaccine that has been delivered to us today. After that we are now idle, we cannot vaccinate! ”#Nursing homes and hospitals that were planned afterwards are being canceled – as are hundreds of volunteers.

Then in the afternoon the next number pirouette. When asked by BILD, the Spahn Ministry said: “Today’s delivery ( December 30th, editor) covers (…) also the 1st week of January. We were able to agree with Biontech that the next delivery, as originally planned, will take place next week, on January 8th. “
As originally planned”? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

The supposed solution only shifts the supply gap for the vaccination centers by a few days. Because, according to Spahn’s spokesman when asked by BILD: “ After that, the next delivery will take place on January 18th.”

Instead of FOUR deliveries in January, only THREE come.

And Spahn himself? Explained to the press: “The vaccination started successfully. Yes, it jerks at one point or another ”, but he could only“ ask for patience ”.

This is a disaster for the federal states and their vaccination centers. Bavaria’s Minister of Health Melanie Huml (45, CSU) sourly: “The vaccination doses that were actually promised were already firmly planned in our vaccination centers.” Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania’s head of government Manuela Schwesig (46, SPD) calls for a faster pace from the federal government in BILD: “We could still be clear vaccinate more and faster if enough vaccine were available. ”

Up to 86 percent of all corona deaths come from nursing homes

Germany cannot get the protection of nursing homes under control!

The Robert Koch Institute has recorded over 15,000 corona deaths so far in December. A BILD survey of the federal states shows: A large proportion of the people who died of or with Corona in the past few weeks lived in old people’s and nursing homes!

In December, Hessen reported 1,216 corona deaths. Of these, 1,043 were residents of old people’s homes – a share of 86%!

In NRW, 2521 people infected with corona died in the same period, including 1387 residents (55%).

According to the state government, only around every 10th corona death came from the home in Baden-Württemberg. Due to the protective measures, the number of corona outbreaks in old people’s homes has fallen sharply since November.

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