Chaos around corona rules at Christmas? The police turn to the population for controls


Munich – Too many Revelers under the Christmas tree? The Police union has called on the population to participate Christmas not suspected with everyone Corona violation alert the investigators.

“I would go to the first myself neighbours go and – if there are really too many people – ask them to follow the rules ”, explained Jörg Radek, Vice Federal Chairman of the Police Union (GdP), opposite the Süddeutsche Zeitung. “You shouldn’t always call the police immediately. These pandemic requires a bit of moral courage from all of us, ”Radek clarified.

The police will not “go from house to house for no reason and count how many people are sitting at the table,” he said. “That wouldn’t even work, that would be a violation of that Fundamental right the integrity of the apartment. But if we Hints get that rules are being violated somewhere, then we’ll investigate. ”

Also apply over the holidays Contact restrictions, great Family gatherings are not allowed. One of the most famous Bavarians is facing a lonely Christmas party: Prime Minister Markus Söder has become in quarantine go after getting a Confidante with the Coronavirus infected.

About the general pandemic development and the corona situation in Munich we will keep you up to date in our news ticker. (lks / dpa)

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