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China manufacturer is said to be completely removed


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Another setback for Huawei: An important European market is closing itself to the Chinese manufacturer’s 5G products. Instead, a Japanese manufacturer should take care of the new cellular network. In Germany, on the other hand, things look a little better.


Huawei and 5G: Great Britain relies on competition

The 5G network in Great Britain will emerge without Huawei. The British government has now banned the Chinese group from participating in the development of the next-generation cellular network. Due to security concerns, Huawei devices will no longer be allowed to be used from September 2021. According to the time, digital minister Oliver Dowden wants a “complete removal of high-risk providers from our 5G networks.”

According to the British government, Huawei’s technology, which is already in use, will not be completely removed until 2027. Instead, Great Britain wants to rely on the Japanese company NEC. In addition, the country wants to set up new research facilities and invest 250 million pounds in the expansion of the 5G networks.

With its decision, the UK is bowing to pressure from the US, according to which Huawei is going as a security risk. The American government fears that the use of Huawei technology in 5G networks could lead to the Chinese group engaging in espionage. Huawei has repeatedly rejected such reports. No evidence has yet been presented.

Huawei: No exclusion in Germany

The German federal government has not yet spoken out in favor of a general exclusion of Huawei from the development of 5G networks in Germany. Instead, the safety requirements should be increased and components should be checked before use. If German ministries should mutually exercise their veto due to a “public interest”, Huawei would not have a chance in this country.

There are questions and answers about 5G here in the video:

For Huawei, however, things are getting tighter when it comes to European 5G networks. Most recently, the Swedish telecommunications authority had banned both Huawei and ZTE from participating in the development of 5G. The authority followed an assessment by the Swedish military. Ironically, competitor Ericsson does not want to know anything about Huawei’s 5G exclusion.

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