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The classic for the festival, which can be finished very well at home.

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Christmas is getting closer, but eating out on the holidays is falling flat this year. Nevertheless, you don’t have to do without enjoyment, because many restaurateurs are already offering high-quality dishes and menus to pick up.

December 11th, 2020 – 3:59 pm

Stuttgart – When thinking about Christmas dinner, many people have specific images in mind. Whether raclette or beef rolls, dumplings or potato salad – the Christmas menu is simply something special. This year, Christmas is likely to be different than usual for most of the time. That may also mean that you have to do without the beloved game goulash or the Christmas goose. So it means: cook yourself or have it delivered. We looked around in Stuttgart to see which restaurants offer Christmas dinner for pick-up.

Restaurant 5 on Bolzstrasse

The pioneer in take-away offers in the city is certainly the gourmet restaurant 5, which already shone with the menus for home in the first lockdown. For Christmas there is again a special box with soups as a starter, three different main courses (veal goulash, salmon, goose) and dessert (69 euros per person). Deliveries will also be made until December 24th. Everything is vacuum-sealed and can be cooked at home. There is also a box for New Year’s Eve and a kind of care package with frozen food for the days in between. Information at

Krehl’s Linde in Bad Cannstatt

Volker Krehl’s menu from his linden tree for the holidays can be put together by his guests. In addition to the goose breast with side dishes (33 euros per portion), there is a choice of dishes such as roast venison (16 euros) or veal roast (15 euros), although guests can vary the side dishes. Volker Krehl opens completely for collection on Boxing Day from 12 to 7.30 p.m., as well as on New Year’s Eve (pre-order by December 26th) As holiday specials, chateaubriand, saddle of lamb fillet and saddle of venison on the bone are also on the menu (38 euros). The patron is particularly proud of his home-made fine terrines. For example lobster and sole (100 grams 9 euros). “This is a hobbyhorse of mine,” says Krehl, “almost no restaurant does something like that these days.”

Carls Brauhaus on Schlossplatz

In the brewery restaurant there is a quarter of Christmas goose with red cabbage apples, chestnuts and two kinds of dumplings (24.90 euros) as well as venison goulash with red cabbage and two kinds of dumplings (20.90 euros) and, as a dessert, rice pudding with chopped almonds and cherry topping (4, 90 euros). From an order value of 100 euros, the customer receives a free bottle of red wine. Orders can be placed by December 22nd by email or via the homepage Collection on December 24, 25 or 26 between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. at Carls Brauhaus am Schlossplatz, delivery on December 24, 25 or 26 between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. within a five-kilometer radius (from Schlossplatz) plus ten euros delivery fee.

Master lamp in Weilimdorf

Daniel Stübler from Meistser Lampe prepares his Oldenburg duck for collection by December 23, so that he can celebrate Christmas with his family. She is clamped in beforehand: “My wife helps in the kitchen, and my father is at the vacuum sealer.” This means that the ingredients can be kept in the refrigerator for at least four days. The duck (70 euros for two people with side dishes) is available in two versions: classic with red cabbage, Brussels sprouts and potato dumplings or Asian with Thai curry, alla lentils, honeysuckle and potato terrines. Order form and further information at

Barrels in Degerloch

Patrick Giboin offers a lunch menu from Tuesday to Friday and an evening menu on Saturdays. It is closed on Christmas Eve, but the French will be on duty on December 25th and 26th. There is a choice of two menus: goose liver terrine, salmon tartare, leg of Barbarie duck with red cabbage and fried napkin dumplings and chocolate cake with oranges and tangerines (51 euros). And for vegetarians pumpkin mousse, delice from fennel, wild mushroom risotto with Périgord truffle and the chocolate cake for 48 euros. Collection from 11.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. and from 5.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. Information at

Knausbira-Stüble in Hedelfingen

The Knausbira-Stüble focuses on the roast goose. The pre-cooked food is available to take away, the whole goose for four people for 128 euros – and on the website Gabriel Schallmeir explains how the roast turns out perfectly. Senior boss Hendrik Schallmeir is enthusiastic: “On the one hand, that’s good for the psyche, but it’s also good for the response.”

The sorcerer’s apprentice in the city center

The sorcerer’s apprentice and his branch of the Wunderkammer also cook. For Christmas, the gourmet restaurant offers a four-course menu (74 euros per person) with beef fillet as the main course. On New Year’s Eve, the meal is a little more valuable (110 euros) with seven courses. In the Wunderkammer there are also menus and other offers. In principle, you do this to keep yourself busy – and primarily for the apprentices. “We have made a promise of training,” says senior partner Axel Heldmann, “and we want to keep that too.”

La Fenice am Rotebühlplatz

ImLa Fenice, according to restaurant guides Stuttgart’s best Italian, has been offering three menu boxes for a while: with meat, fish and vegetarian in three or four courses between 30 and 55 euros. Orders can be placed up to two hours before collection (12 noon to 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.). Depending on the market situation, there will also be a special Christmas menu. “We’re here,” says the boss, Vincenzo Gorgoglione.

Weinsteige restaurant

The hotel is closed, but in the kitchen of the restaurant zur Weinsteige gourmet menus are prepared on weekends. For the holidays, chef Jörg Scherle has put together two menus: For 48 euros there is a mosaic of pickled char with seaweed salad and duck breast with red cabbage and brown bread napkin dumplings. And for 59 euros one more course with veal breast as the main course. Pre-order by December 21st, collection from December 24th to 26th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Augustenstüble in the west

As in the first lockdown, Günther “Obi” Oberkamm and his wife Sabine make their Augustenstüble a pick-up point for fine dishes in a jar (foie gras, rillette, bœuf bourguignon) on Fridays and Saturdays. The pre-ordered Christmas menu can be picked up on December 22nd and 23rd from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.: Confit of cod with yellow beetroot, truffled chestnut and celery soup, ossobucco from deer with red cabbage and brioche dumplings and speculoos mousse with port wine jelly for 48 euros. Information at www.augustenstü

The vegan Super Jami in the city center

The range of vegan alternatives is a bit thinner. Thomas Adam from Körle and Adam in Feuerbach for example, does not offer anything because his kitchen is not suitable for warming up. He refers to the Christmas roast, the recipe for which he revealed for this newspaper. There is a vegan offer in the Super Jami in the city center. Kathi Bretsch offers a four-course menu (39 euros per person) for Christmas. She is preparing a taco kit for New Year’s Eve.

The Golden Eagle in Heslach

The Goldene Adler in Heslach also offers its guests a wide potpourri to take away. “People wanted an onion roast beef,” says chef Christopher Oelkrug, “why shouldn’t I do them a favor?” So there is roast beef (24 euros) as well as cordon bleu (22 euros) or venison ragout (22 euros) or duck leg. The restaurant is always manned on public holidays, and guests can put together their own menu. “On some days the to-go business was really going very well,” says Oelkrug. He doesn’t know what to expect at Christmas. But since the public holidays are followed directly by a Sunday, he expects a lot of activity. They sell until nothing is left: “We just have what we have.”

The ox in Uhlbach

The ox in Uhlbach is new to the to-go business. There you can pick up a roast venison for the holidays on December 23rd. The Wagner sisters urgently advise you to pre-order in good time!

The ox in Heslach

There is also a varied selection at the Ochsen in Heslach, from game goulash with Wirsingspätzle and port wine pear (15.50 euros) to the fried chicken with potato and lamb’s lettuce or mashed potatoes or broccoli and apple salad (17 euros) and the Wiener Schnitzel (18.00 euros). 50 euros), of course, you can also choose from the classic goose leg confit with red cabbage, curd cheese bread dumplings and candied fruit (25 euros). A magnificent festive menu can be created with starters and dessert. Owner Anamaria Neumann-Moasa is still happy about the demand from her guests, but has since noticed a “certain Corona fatigue”.

Feinkost Böhm

Feinkost Böhm is an absolute expert in precooking, for Christmas there is both the whole Lugeder Hof goose in Niederbayern (240 euros, pre-cooked 280 euros) for four people, as well as duck (80/95 euros) or confit goose legs (65 euros ) for two. Pre-orders always at least three days in advance. Feinkost Böhm also offers a delivery service and many other products in addition to the holiday menus.

Amadeus in the city center

The Amadeus in the old orphanage in the city center offers a three-course Christmas menu for those contemplative days. The duck menu, for example, looks like this: Pumpkin and coconut soup with caramelized pumpkin seeds or clear tomato essence with basil dumplings, half a free-range duck from the Lugeder poultry farm (breast and leg) with homemade red cabbage, two handmade potato dumplings with breadcrumbs, sweet boiled chestnuts and orange sauce with pink pepper and half a glass of farm ice cream from the Müller family from Haselstaller Hof in Wildberg (vanilla, chocolate, Amadeus or strawberry sorbet) and costs 30 euros per person. There is also a suckling pig menu for the same price. For groups of four or more, there is also a free bottle of red wine and instructions on how to finish cooking.

Hotels: Arcotel Camino and Martim

You can also order a whole goose at the hotel! Even in two! The Arcotal Camino near the main train station on Heilbronner Straße offers an oven-fresh goose with spiced jus, red cabbage, baked apple, glazed chestnuts and potato dumplings for four people (98 euros), plus a bottle of red house wine. Important: order at least 48 hours in advance!

And the Hotel Maritim offers the same service for 99 euros (plus a ten-euro deposit for roasters), you can also have it delivered until December 26th. The same applies here: orders must be made 48 hours in advance. There is also a choice of soups and desserts, as well as a vegan curry or a leg of goose.

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