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Residents of the federal capital should be able to do a free examination before any festive visits to relatives. All three test roads – those at the Happel Stadium, the Austria Center and on the Danube Island – will continue to be operated.

The three test centers will have different focuses. In the Austria Center, where employees of the critical infrastructure were recently the focus, everyone can now be tested – several times, as was emphasized in the office of City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker (SPÖ) to the APA. From Friday, however, registration online ( or by telephone via 1450 is mandatory. A slot will then also be allocated there. Family registrations are also possible.

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In contrast to summer and autumn, the walk-in stations are now being relocated to halls

No queuing in the cold

The location can be visited by car or on foot. The walk-ins will be relocated to the halls from Friday, so queuing in the cold is no longer necessary. The ACV test station is also open on public holidays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The test is carried out using a rapid test, which can be supplemented by a PCR test if the result is positive. If necessary, up to 14,000 examinations should be carried out daily at the Austria Center.

In the future, PCR and antigen lanes will also be available at the stadium, with appointments being made at least for the latter. The focus at the stadium is on contact persons, travelers (also from the federal states) and interns from the health sector. But other people can also stop by. More than 3,000 tests should be possible there every day. The opening times are even longer than at the ACV, because arrival is possible from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The second Corona test road in Vienna on the Danube Island, specifically in the parking lot at the Floridsdorfer Bridge


Those people who have symptoms should drive their car to the test road on the Danube Island

With symptoms on the Danube Island

The test road on the Danube Island is not least intended for people who are symptomatic and who come by car. You can also come on foot without symptoms, registration is not necessary. However, no rapid tests are offered there, only PCR tests. Speaking of symptoms: the testers will continue to make home calls after registering under 1450. The “Checkbox” containers for people with flu-like symptoms are also still in operation.

By Christmas, there should be 20 of these pop-up practices, also known as “sniff boxes”, in the various districts. You can register via the health hotline or online. The boxes are closed at least on December 26th – but otherwise also open on public holidays, albeit with limited opening times in some cases.

“Preparations for a safe Christmas start now”

The coronavirus scan is already running at full speed in Vienna: According to the hacker’s office, a total of 96,100 PCR tests were carried out in the capital in December – apart from the mass tests. The next edition is already being planned. In the town hall it is assumed that the three already proven locations, i.e. the town hall, the fair and the Marx hall, will be used again.

“At the moment, many Viennese are probably racking their brains about what the Christmas holidays will be this year and how I can best protect myself and my family. In truth, the preparations for a safe Christmas start now. If you are sitting in the smallest group with family members who you have not seen for a long time, then it makes sense to discuss now, to pay special attention in the days before. So that you don’t have the big transmission in the family at Christmas, ”Health Councilor Hacker recommended using the pre-Christmas test options.

Hacker is confident

It is about preparing for Christmas this year in particular, in order to ensure in advance that Christmas will not only be a peaceful festival, but will also remain. “I think it is a good additional offer to ensure more security within your own four walls. But: It’s just another contribution to security, because the virus doesn’t take a break even at Christmas, ”warned Hacker. However, he is certain that the Viennese know exactly what is important. He is therefore confident “that we will not have to fear any dramatic developments at Christmas”.

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