Cologne: Sarah Lombardi in the supermarket – she makes a big mistake that many commit


The supermarkets are full before Christmas – this was also noticed by a top star who was shopping in Cologne. The celebrity made a mistake.

  • Sarah Lombardi needed – like so many – groceries before Christmas.
  • She reports on her shopping experience via Instagram.
  • Unfortunately, she made a mistake.

Cologne – why should celebrities be different from normal people? Many are currently trying to improve the Supermarket the right foods for Christmas to collect. In view of the Corona crisis, the fact that the holiday weekend will be extra long is also causing concern for the markets in Munich. Especially since only a limited number of people are allowed into the shops.

Cologne: Sarah Lombardi heads for a supermarket – and is then surprised

In CologneWhere Sarah Lombardi lives with her fiancé Julian Büscher and son Alessio, it is no different. But it doesn’t help – you can’t eat ravioli cans under the tree. On Saturday morning, the “Masked Singer” winner spoke up via the Instagram story. “Good Morning! Alessio and I, we’re going to meet my mom right here and go shopping for Christmas, I’m curious whether it’s jam-packed today or whether we’re still there relatively early. ”She gets the answer as she approaches the supermarket. “People are already lining up here.”

Sarah Lombardi reported on her Corona purchase.

© Sarah Lombardi/Instagram

Cologne: Sarah Lombardi makes mistakes that many make

More than an hour later, she answers again via Instagram-Story. “We’re out of that spectacle. I actually thought we were early. It’s now eleven thirty, and it was soooo full. And it was really busy. “

She made a mistake that apparently many make: To go shopping on Saturdays, of all places! Aldi appealed loudly in advance, “to buy in a straight line and, if possible, across all days of the week”. In various shopping guides – whether from previous years or especially 2020 you can read: Avoid the Saturday before Christmas! Incidentally, many people also make another mistake, as a sign shows, when shopping with Corona.

After all, Sarah Lombardi somehow made it. “We actually got everything we needed so far. We do it on Christmas Eve Raclette, I’m looking forward to it. I could actually eat that all year round. “

Where exactly Sarah Lombardi went shopping remains unclear. She lives in Cologne-Hürth, shortly before the story fragments from shopping, she showed moving images from the autobahn. But she will hardly have gone to Berlin for that. The day before there was a bit of a chat with her fiancé.

Header list image: © Sarah Lombardi / Instagram

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