Competition in Stuttgart: Breuninger Garage: Jury selects winner – Stuttgart


The film and media house (right) and a modern multi-storey car park are to be built on the 2800 square meter site of today’s Breuninger multi-storey car park. Photo: Breuninger

The old multi-storey car park of the trading house on the inner-city B 14 is to become a modern mobility hub. Conventional parking remains possible.

Stuttgart – On the area of ​​today’s Breuninger multi-storey car park, not only the new Stuttgart Filmhaus, but also a mobility hub will be built, in which, in addition to parking spaces, car sharing, logistics services or even drone parking spaces can be accommodated.

A jury with representatives from the city, the municipal council, specialist planners and Breuninger selected the competition winner for the Mobility Hub on the B 14 on Friday. The jury decided with a clear majority in favor of the work of the architects Haas, Cook, Zemmerich Studio 2050 (Stuttgart), said Breuninger. They convince with the well thought-out mixture of innovative forms of mobility, a lively ground floor zone and well-structured structures. The work by Werk Arkitekter from Copenhagen, which provides for a spacious park on the mobility hub between Hauptstätter and Esslinger Strasse, also received an award.

Much praise for the plans

The city and Breuninger had selected five planning drafts for the 2800 square meter property, the committee for urban development and technology of the municipal council decided the preparation of the zoning plan in the previous week. It also contains specifications for the building heights. The film and media company that will face the 53-meter-high Leonhardskirche will measure up to 23 meters with six floors, the Mobility Hub 17 meters. The draft and approval planning is to start in 2021. “The two excellent plans offer an enormous urban development opportunity for downtown Stuttgart,” says Breuninger boss Holger Blecker. “We have a vision of how the inner city will become more liveable and worth experiencing. We want to create public spaces in which we like to move and linger, ”said Mayor Peter Pätzold (Greens).

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