Concerned fans: Silbereisen has to cancel TV show – Schlager


In 2021, too, everything will go differently than planned due to Corona. Florian Silbereisen is now feeling that too.

Actually, the 39-year-old traditionally opens the hit year with the “Schlagerchampions – The great festival of the best”. Actually. Because in 2021 the start will fall due to the corona pandemic. The show planned for January 16 has to be canceled.

Deleted without replacement

A production of this magnitude would not be feasible during the nationwide corona lockdown that may then still prevail, according to the MDR. A possible alternative date was not mentioned.

The most successful artists of the previous year became the “Schlagerchampions” like Thomas Anders, Roland Kaiser, Maite Kelly, Ben Zucker, Kerstin Ott, Giovanni Zarrella and many more expected. It is also not yet clear whether and how they will receive the “One of the Best” award.

For Florian Silbereisen it is the second bad news within a few days. There was also a corona alarm on board the ZDF “dream ship” after two employees apparently tested positive for the corona virus. More about this HERE >>

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