Contact tracing – Swisscovid app now also runs on older iPhones – News


Contact tracing – Swisscovid app now also runs on older iPhones – News – SRF

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Apple upgraded the operating system for the iPhones 5s and 6. Now the Covid app also runs on these models.

When the federal government’s Swisscovid app was launched at the end of June, there was great criticism: Owners of an iPhone 5s, 6 or 6 Plus could not load the app because their devices were not able to do so. Their operating system was too old. And upgrading it accordingly would be extremely time-consuming, Apple said at the time.

But experts also rated the effort as extremely high. In mid-December, Apple released a new version of the operating system – and the Swisscovid app for older iPhone models has also been available since December 27th.

Install the app after the update

Mathias Wellig is the managing director of Ubique, which technically developed the Swiss Covid app. “Apple has now put a lot of effort into adding new functions to an old operating system.” As far as he knows, this is quite unique in the history of the iPhone.

First of all, owners of an iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 could now install the new operating system (iOS 12.5) and then download and activate the Swiss-Covid app in the app store.

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SRF 4 News, 28.12.2020, 4.30 pm

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