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Sören Benn sees his lockdown prophecy confirmed

Pankows District Mayor Sören Benn (left) has expressed scorn on Twitter about the upcoming hard lockdown for Christmas. He already had A two-week shutdown in mid-October of public life – and was “widely declared insane,” writes Benn on Twitter. The Governing Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) I replied to him at the time via the media that you don’t play with lockdown.”Now everyone is saying everything that could not have been known, what was not enforceable among the citizens,” Benn continues. And ends his tweet with the words: “I go milk mice.”

In mid-October, Pankow’s district mayor justified his move by saying that nowhere in Germany was the measures taken slow down the infection process. Even then, he expected more success from a “prophylactic, targeted, clearly limited lockdown”.

The ultimate goal, Benn argued in mid-October, was one unplanned long lockdown, according to his assessment at the time around Christmas would occur to prevent. A 14-day lockdown in November would “help more & do less harm than those shots with more and more slingshots into the dense infection fog.”

For many people it would be that final catastrophe of 2020 if they were stuck in a emergency lockdown for Christmas, Benn said. Now it shows how right he was.

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