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“Closed for Berlin” wants to support club culture

“No after-hour kebab without a club. No Wegbier without Späti. No happy ending without theater “: The prospects for a Berlin after the pandemic, which the action”Closed for tomorrow“(GFM) in a video released on Thursday shows are grim.

The initiative promotes the Culture, club and restaurant scene suffering from the corona pandemic to support. The video was shot in Berlin institutions that are currently empty, including the Delphi Theater, the Metropol and the Tresor Club. A receipt printer throws empty receipts – as a symbol for missing sales and running fixed costs.

Clubs, theaters, cinemas, bars, restaurants, hotels, service staff and artists suffered particularly from the pandemic, write the initiators. they were on the support of the Berliners – so that the city can become the same again after Corona.

Behind the action is next to the Solidaritätskampagne United We stream the Berlin digital agency Buddybrand. Other initiatives such as #Alarmstuferot and Kiezretter that you can support shops and people with – for example through Donations, buying vouchers or a sweater designed for the campaign. (Jana Weiss, with dpa)

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