Corona deaths in Bremen: Covid-19 mostly clear cause of death



Again and again it is questioned whether people died “with” or “from” Covid-19. In Bremen there is now a clear statistical answer to this.

In the city of Bremen at least 117 people have “died of” Covid 19 disease so far.

Image: DPA | Felix Hörhager

The question of whether people died “to” or “with” Corona can be clearly answered for the municipality of Bremen. Because according to statistics from the health department, which are available within buten, 117 of the 122 corona deaths “of Covid-19” in the city of Bremen by this Tuesday have died. That is, her death is causally due to the viral disease.

According to the figures from the health authority, only one person “with Covid-19” died. In three of the four remaining cases, the health authorities were unable to obtain enough information to categorize them because, for example, no doctor’s letters were available. In one case the investigation is still ongoing.

Doctor’s letters and diagnoses as a basis

“The categorization is carried out by the health department,” says health department spokesman Lukas Fuhrmann. For this purpose, various information such as doctor’s letters, previous diagnoses, reports on the investigation and, if available, autopsy results would be used. “It was all difficult,” said Fuhrmann.

The State of Bremen regularly transmits this data to the Robert Koch Institute. However, they are not published at the federal level.

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