Corona demo in Frankfurt: “lateral thinking 69” hopes for 10,000 participants


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On Saturday (December 12th, 2020) the lateral thinking movement in Frankfurt wants to protest against the government’s corona measures. A left alliance has already announced counter demonstrations.

  • Want on Saturday (12/12/2020) Lateral thinker in Frankfurt against the Corona-Politics to demonstrate.
  • If she Large demonstration may take place as planned is still open.
  • A left alliance has to Counter-demonstrations called.

Frankfurt – A few days before the planned protests of the so-called Lateral thinking movement in Frankfurt the organizers assume that 10,000 people against the Corona requirements will demonstrate. “It is currently not possible to estimate how many will come,” said Joel Roux, a spokesman for the group “lateral thinking 69”, the Frankfurter Rundschau. But one is confident that the number of protesters will reach five digits, since there are already participants Bremen and Düsseldorf announced. One got a Hygienekonzept and will adhere to all the requirements of the city of Frankfurt, said Roux.

Corona demo in Frankfurt: lateral thinking movement wants to hold rallies in the city center

“Think outside the box 69” mobilized for Saturday (12.12.2020) under the motto “Cradle of Democracy – For Peace and Freedom” after Frankfurt. From 12 noon on, several parallel rallies are registered in the city center, from 3 p.m. there should be one Demo train give. As a speaker is among others Michael Ballweg announced by the Stuttgart initiative “lateral thinking 711”, and the former Eintracht defender is also said to be Thomas Berthold occur that the movement against the Corona measures supported for a long time. The protests are mainly advertised over the Internet.

There were protests against the Corona measures in Frankfurt as early as November. The police used water cannons against lateral thinkers and counter-demonstrators.

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The city Frankfurt apparently does not want to simply accept the planned protests. Ordinance officer Markus Frank (CDU) said on Monday evening (07.12.2020) in the legal committee of the city council that he thinks it is “extremely unlikely that this Large demonstration will take place as it is announced ”. On Tuesday (December 8th, 2020) he will comment on the details, said Frank. “I will do everything I can to ensure that this crude event is not possible,” said the CDU politician.

Lateral thinking movement: The city of Frankfurt initially banned the rally in November

The city of Frankfurt already had one in November Lateral Thinking Rally 69 prohibited, but the administrative court overturned the ban. In Bremen, however, the ban on a “lateral thinking” demonstration was even dated at the weekend Federal Constitutional Court has been confirmed in Karlsruhe.

The left alliance “Enlightenment instead of conspiracy ideologies”that has been against protests against the Corona requirements mobilmacht, meanwhile, is already calling for counter-protests. “Lateral thinking” was a right-wing movement under the guise of criticism of the Corona-Politics Want to spread “hatred, agitation and anti-Semitism”, so the initiative. “There are a lot of good reasons against government policy in the Corona-Pandemie to demonstrate, ”said a spokesman. “However, anyone who takes this as an opportunity to take untruths onto the streets with Nazis and their friends will only make things worse.”

Corona in Frankfurt: lateral thinking movement is under criticism

The “Think outside the box” movement is in the criticism because participants: inside there again and again compare themselves with the resistance at the time of National Socialism and right-wing extremists take part in the protests. (Hanning Voigts)

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